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Monday, 19 May 2008

Low Cut Sock Fetish and Sexy Feet

Do you remember the time when we were young and innocent then? LOL!

Lol - back to the post, do you remember the time may back in high school when girls use to turn up wearing trainer and those low cut socks?

I bet when one of those girls, you know the one with tanned legs one day got something stuck in her trainer that she had to take it off and then you got to see those awesome low cut sock and then you probably formed your sock fetish. It did not stop at looking at sexy girls wearing those attractive sock but when she had to also remove that sock to reveal her fucking adorable tanned feet you now not only had a sock fetish but also a foot fetish.

But wait, did it stop there with such a sock fetish?

Maybe you also developed your own niche foot fetish?

Know what I am talking about?


Okay, well let me tell you. You probably saw her again on a nice hot summers day, but this time you see something shine. Going down her fucking smooth legs toawrds her feet you notice that she is wearing an anklet. Did it not make her look drop dead sexy?

So that was probably your initial exposure to leg fetish, anklet fetish, sock fetish and ohhhhh yeaaah foot fetish.

To help you remember those days, watch this following foot fetish video tape that reveal a pair of tanned legs and you guessed it, those desirable low cut socks to feed you sock fetish.

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