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Sunday, 6 April 2008

Lexi Foot Fetish

Not joking here, but this Lexi slag truley gives some awesome foorjobs, great girl, great feet and our great cum mosturiser on her feet.

Some of the best Lexi foot fetis videos

Lexi role play foot fetish fucking

Totally cool sexy video where she is a guys house and rubs his cock under the table using her feet and then Lexi takes things to the bedroom for a great foojob cum fucking bed session.

Lexi Dangle fetish feet

Here Lexi is naked looking at magazines and decides to show of her feet. First you see her feet in totally sexy yellow high heels, her pierced nipples, her seductive looks. Her stockings - oh yeahhhhh - sexy bitch, sexy feet dangling her shoes on toes.

Lexi's deep throut foot fucking

Guy on floor gets Lexi's foot rammed down his throat using all her weight. She also tries to kill him by standing on his throat and fuck his mouth with foot.

Nice anklet BTW.

Lexi awesome sofa foot fuck

Guys ties her feet up and then tickles them and then indulges his mouth on her sex fuck feet.

She treats her foot fetish slaves well

Lexi's soles of feet

Laying on sofa naked with her flawless feet in your face, playing with her tits while you adore her feet, soles and delicious feet.

Now and then she spreads her beautiful toes so that you can admire all het feets parts.

Sexy Lexi Foot Fetish Modelling

Lexi in the outdoor seens shows of her manicured green nail polished feet wearing toe rings.

Wanna fuck them?

More of Lexi's feet

This time you have four foot fetish feet, have you cum yet?

Fetih Sole Tease

Another fine display of her feet, this time wearing glasses - if thats also your fetish, lol!

Lexi Lapetina

Even more goreous feet sex fetish shots of her feet - she must be making millions doing this?

Legs wide open and showing off her feet

She talks dirty while displaying her feet and instructs you with dirty talk to jerk your self off!!!!!!!

Foot fetish sex


Foot fetish action

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